How To Get Your Girlfriend Back

When you girlfriend up and breaks up with you, usually it's not for nothing. Women may sometimes SEEM a little random and unpredictable, but for the most part they do things for a reason. Chances are, that reason in this case is you...and I'm going to help you find out why and possibly how to fix it and get your life back on track.

There are several things that make a woman want to leave her man, but three in particular tend to come up more often than any others. If she didn't tell you why she broke up with you and you haven't figured it out yourself, I'm going to list off these three main reasons so you can check your situation against any of them and hopefully figure out what you did wrong.

1) Number One is a big one, and while it's really not the most common of the three, it's the most severe of them. Chances are, you'll also KNOW that it's why she left, but I'll list it anyways. First on the list for when a girl will leave her guy is when the guy has another girl on the side.

If this is the case for you, I can't say that I have a whole lot of sympathy for you, but I suppose even really stupid things can be done by mistake. I'm sorry to say though that a relationship shattered by a cheating partner is probably the hardest to heal. A lot of trust gets broken, and your girlfriend probably won't just be heartbroken but also really kind of hate you. Getting over that's going to be pretty hard.

2) The second big mistake guys make with their girls is not giving them the emotional support they need. Women are wired a little differently than we are, and it's very important that they feel cared for. If a guy isn't meeting their emotional needs, girls will seek companionship from someone who can.

If your girlfriend broke up with you for this reason, it's a bit easier to remedy than if you had done the big no-no with another woman. A lot easier, in fact. This is a problem you can address within yourself by paying more attention to the girl, and really showing how much you care about what she has to say. Every girl is a little different, but if you really pay attention to her she usually gives you all the info you need to make her happy.

3) Another of the big problems that really holds true for guys and girls is letting the relationship get too boring. When everything gets really predictable and there isn't too much entertainment in the relationship, your partner can get bored and the spark can kind of "go out." This isn't to say that your girlfriend doesn't still love you, but when there's little reason other than that to really hang around, why would she?

Maybe you can't help it if you're not the most creative when it comes to finding new things to do to have fun, but seriously come on...there's an entire world of things to do out there, and you obviously have access to the Internet if you're reading this. With all of the Web at your disposal, you can find things to do with your girlfriend that are fun and exciting. There's no reason to let any relationship get stale enough to cause someone to lose interest.

These are only a few of the top reasons why most relationships fail...there are a lot more, but to list everything that's ever caused a relationship problem would be written in volumes, not paragraphs. These are the main things to look for and avoid if possible, and they should help to keep your relationship healthy. Good luck!

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