How To Get Your Girlfriend Back

When a relationship with a wife or girlfriend feels as if it is falling apart, it most likely is falling apart and this is the time to stop and take an honest assessment. Listening to our inner feelings is essential in every type of relationship because feelings are an armor of protection. Feelings cause us to question life and often our failure to succeed directly relates to those feelings or gut warnings we ignore.

Feelings are red flags, they are warnings, which save us from mistakes when we pay attention and deal with them. This is not always a simple task and sometimes it causes emotional pain, which is often the basic reason we refuse to face our feelings and try to ignore them. We do not want to experience feelings of pain, but the road to renewed joy in a relationship lies in our willingness to experience pain.

We can never experience the feelings of joy, which come with pain relief, if we refuse to make the effort to learn the cause of the pain. Taking the wrong medication or no medication does not take away the pain. People who suffer from migraine headaches learn to recognize the signs at the onset of what can become a debilitating headache. In a relationship, we must begin to recognize the signs and symptoms of the heartache, which can come when we fail to respond to feelings of discomfort in a relationship. Only by being willing to stop, look and listen to our inner self, can we prevent an exacerbation of a crack in a relationship.

Feelings are similar to a leaky faucet, which if we do not take the time to fix or seek help from someone who can fix the leak it will get much worse. In the end, the leaking faucet can cause us an unexpected and much larger expense, than if we had responded to the faucet when we first noticed the leak. This all seems perhaps unrelated to loosing a wife or girlfriend, but it is a simple reality, many people train themselves to ignore their inner feelings, which cause discomfort, and attempt to ignore these feeling hoping they will go away.

Unresolved inner conflict, which is what negative feelings are, will never go away unless we give them the attention they demand. Sometimes we are simply being paranoid, but most of the time the feelings are legitimate and there is a justifiable reason for them. Most of the time, we need to adjust our thought process. Rarely do these feelings come from the actions or lack of action on the part of another.

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