How To Get Your Girlfriend Back

You lost your loved one. Now you want your partner back in your life.

Are you now wondering on how to get your ex back with you? I wrote this article that will definitely help you in this task. Being the only one working for a resolution can be a tough job, but even if now you see all black, you can get your ex back.

Some tips first:

  • Be yourself. Do not act like someone else just to be liked. It might works at the beginning, but in the long run is a losing strategy.
  • Take your time and think before you do something, you need to understand what the body language is telling. You do not want to look desperate.
  • Do not be rude with your ex partner friends. You are just slimming down the chances to get your loved one back with you again.
  • Do not beg your ex, demand her/him to get back with you, and never be obnoxious . That will never work, never do this to any person.
  • Do not try to stay in touch with your ex. You just broke up, the last thing you want to do is to annoy your ex partner. And because you broke up this means that somebody need some time alone.

What steps can you take to get your ex back?

  1. Consider why you broke up in the first place. Do you really want your ex love back or do you just want something also if you do not need it? Was one (or both) of you abusive, mean, or possessive? Did one (or both) cheat? If any of these things happened, you better consider if that kind of relationship is really for you.
  2. Be the person he or she felt in love with. At the beginning your beloved one was attracted to you because of how you made your companion feel good, and you both believed that spending the time together was great. Did you changed your behaviour? If you spot any mistake you made correct them.
  3. Be Positive when you see your ex. Laugh and smile, everybody love to have happy people around.
  4. Use what you learned in the past to your advantage. You know for sure that one of your outfit was a his/her favourite? Where them again. Or share a wonderful moment you had together.
  5. Invite him/her to talk to you. Let your ex know that you regret that things were not going so well between you and your ex, and let him/her know that you are changing your behaviour.
  6. Let your ex love know you were thinking about him/her. Remember when you had a fabulous time at that special place? Leave him/her a short notice telling you have been there recently and you thought about him/her all the time. Of course accidentally ask him how he is doing. This is a non-threatening way to contact your ex love again.
  7. Pay a little attention to your appearance if you have been neglecting yourself in that field.
  8. Give a lot of value to yourself. People usually value things that are in demand.

Conclusion: Getting together with your ex love again, might not be an easy task. But with determination and hard work it can been done.


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