How To Get Your Ex Back - Crucial Step Exposed


You are devastated because she does not want to be with you anymore? Maybe the situation appears hopeless, but in many cases it is not. There is a great probability that you were the real cause for the break-up.

In order to know what you should do to fix the situation fast, you must understand how men attract women in the first place. If you ask a woman about this, she would not be able to explain how attraction works and you have to look deep into human psychology to really understand why.

In Prehistoric times, women were very unsafe and they should look urgently for protection, preferably from some strong man to raise their children. Time passed and now the word "strong" means something different depending on social shapes that women get through the years and also depends on how old they are. Young women tend to be more impressed by robust men, but older women tend to be more impressed by money or power and if you try to date a Christian girl, you better convert into a very religious person. This creates the parameters that girls use to evaluate men all the time.

This means that you should avoid, by all means, any type of weak behaviour and this is the reason why you should stop acting as a needy powerless man. Desperate behaviour like begging and clinging will repel your lost love faster than a blink of an eye. While break-ups are not easy, you should prove that this would not make you cry (if you cry, do it behind closed doors).

This may seem counterintuitive because all mothers teach nonsense to their sons saying that girls want to receive gifts (this only proves that you need to "BUY" her out, which girls see as a form of manipulation) and like that men do whatever they want (do that and the girl will see you as a powerless kid). There is an interesting side effect about being strong and it is that all humans like challenges, so when you are not being clingy, automatically you become a challenge and this could make your loved one start chasing you instead of you chasing her.

Also, you should try activities (not sex). The things that got your ex attracted towards you the first time are still the best things that can get your ex back.

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