What You Can Do To Get Your Ex Back


The only thing that can help you to get your ex back, besides these tips and things of course, is if you are honest with yourself, and if you are sincere about your wish to get back together.

Below is a list of the various things which I consider as important for you to think about when trying to get your ex back.

Of course, there will be more things that you can think of to win your ex back, but since these will be more or less personal things that only you will know of, I leave these in your capable hands.

If you are in doubt about what constitutes something that you should do, versus something that you shouldn’t do, then take a quick peak through this book, you will find the guidance you need somewhere within these pages.

As of a necessity, the things that you should do are far longer than those things that you shouldn’t do. Luckily for you – otherwise you might find yourself running out ideas to use to try and get your ex back!

And as ever, they are first in point format so that you can get a good idea of what it is that I am talking about, and then in a more detailed format almost immediately following this.

• Be yourself -- there’s no substitute for being yourself. Trying to be someone or something you’re not is not the way to form a stable relationship.

• Give your ex some breathing space -- there’s a good chance that your ex just needs some breathing room. Give that to him/ her without stinging on it, you can’t keep them locked up in the palm of your hand forever.

• Show your good side -- you might have been unfairly branded as a shrew or stinking s.o.b. but that doesn’t mean that you have to live down to these words.

Show your ex the side of you that is rarely seen by anyone, and watch as they become charmed with you all over again.

• Work through your problems -- if your relationship broke up because of problems that you were having, or because you were unable to resolve some problems within yourself, then sort through these first and foremost, before attempting a reconciliation.

• Hold your tongue -- my grandmother always said that if you couldn’t think of anything nice to say about anyone, then not to bother. I agree, and I believe this to be part of any relationship as well, even one that is broken.

• Pride has its place -- learn where it goes. It’s not always that pride will get a good place, but in the case of broken relationships, pride might be the only thing keeping you glued together.

• Classy begging -- now this is one that you need to read to be able to fully understand it. Suffice it to say that you can put aside your pride and go begging back, while keeping your dignity intact.

• Strive for lightheartedness -- the last thing that you want to do is go around making everyone else around you miserable. Try to be lighthearted at least once a day and you will soon find that your smile comes more naturally to you.

• Keep things on a friendly footing -- if you really want to get back together with your ex, then strive to keep things between you on a friendly footing.

The minute it disintegrates into a shouting match you will have to work that much harder to get things to come around.

• Bring back happy memories, if at all -- you share some happy and intimate memories with your ex, use these to your full advantage, making sure that they also remember the good times.

• Make your ex feel special -- who knows, your ex might feel slighted by your marked attention to your friends or your work.

Or maybe after the glamour of the first few days wore off things sank into a routine. Change things around and show your ex that you think him/ her to be special.

• Use everything you’ve got to get your ex back -- the only thing that will really work is if you use everything at your disposal to achieve this purpose.

• Jealousy can work -- sometimes. You have to be careful when using jealousy as a tool to get your ex to come back to you, because it can backfire on you.

• Start over, go back to the beginning -- I always feel that starting from the beginning, when the magic was still fresh, can help to liven up a relationship, especially one that has been broken. Try it.

• And if all else fails, try humble honesty -- there’s nothing more appealing than a person who is humble, honest and sincere to boot. It might sound like a novel idea but its not, it does however work wonders sometimes when all else fails.

• Try couple counseling -- when you finally get your ex’s attention, and willingness to corporate in getting back together, you can try couples counseling, it can help you sort things out.

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