Id and career - short musing.

Religion, Free Thought, MiscAlice Shade01 June 2007

ID hurts careers.
Everyone knows about the newest religious issue with schools. Intilligent Design. More specifically - why it is not taught along with evolution, when allegedly, it`s similarly-viable theory?
Personally, I find the idea of ID to be dubious at best, and obviously, not backed by facts, unlike evolution. However, in this article, I am not discussing ID from scientifical point of view. Rather, I`d like to point out the hazards of teaching ID.
First of all, let`s move the most obvious obstacle out of the way. There is more then one religion in the world. Each one is equally-viable. So, what is ID? Claim, that the world was created by YHWH, or assertion, that there should be SOME intelligent being, that designed the world, not specifically YHWH (or any other certain god)?
In the first case - teaching ID is in clear violation of freedom of thought, as it asserts a uniform religion for all school attendants (who might be as well muslims, buddhists, taoists, jews, catholics or just atheists).
Let`s now move to second case, which is more interesting. It does not necessarily promotes certain religion. However, is it really suitable to be taught, especially exclusively? Short answer is - no. Why? Because teaching ID to children in school limits their potential career choices, effectively culling off any chance of completing biology or medicine college.
Really, biology and medicine both heavily rely on evolution and it`s subsequent branches. Without a solid understanding of such, there is not much of biology, as is. As for medicine, doctor, which subscribes to ID, is a direct hazard to patients. Would anyone put stock in doctor, who says - “Your aches are because God wills them to be.”? I think, that any patient to receive such responce, will shrug, and go to doctor, which will prescribe a viable method of removing those aches instead.
Seeing, as there is no alternative biology or medicine, which would base their teachings on ID rather then on evolution, with even remotely close success, there is not much sense in teaching it as an alternative to evolution. Rather, ID should be taught in the course of philosophy and theology, where it belongs.

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