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Alice Shade
December 12th, 2006, 05:32 PM
Or, more correctly...


Let us collect the idiocy of the world, and pick it apart for our own amusement.

I`ll start with

December 12th, 2006, 05:42 PM
Yeah, a hard smack round the ear would have done.

How is this for idiocy (http://www.ericabaker.com/2006/10/wtf-of-weekno-decade-bush-safe-from.html)?

Alice Shade
December 12th, 2006, 05:51 PM

I don`t think it could be applied fully - Bush can`t really force other countries to stop persecuting Americans for war crimes.

December 12th, 2006, 09:08 PM

I don`t think it could be applied fully - Bush can`t really force other countries to stop persecuting Americans for war crimes.

But he can try... and he will... because he's just that darn stupid!

And speaking of how stupid bush is I think he should start trying to win a Darwin Award :twisted:

December 13th, 2006, 06:51 AM
I originally read this topic as "theodicy," as in, a philosophical work written to explain/describe the nature of God. It sounds exactly like "The Odyssey" when you say it.

I guess that's a certain kind of idiocy, though. :wink:

I have been doing too much thinking and not enough working on my final Kant term paper.

Fallen Hero
December 13th, 2006, 09:27 AM
This world, mostly the US gov't scares me.

Alice Shade
December 13th, 2006, 09:52 AM

Invest in good gun and some self-defence lessons? ^_^

Then you can start a rebellion.

December 14th, 2006, 04:25 AM
The scariest part about Bush for me is how much of a character he is. That, and that alone, is the determining factor in our elections, at least presidential ones: who has the higher CHA score.

Gee Dubya was born in Connecticut, and while the family moved back to Texas when he was two, he was educated nearly entirely in the Northeast: high school at Andover Academy (Massachusetts), Yale (Connecticut) and Harvard (Massachusetts). A couple of my professors were in similar situations and don't retain nearly the accent he does. Whaaat?

Also, if you can find any of the speeches he gave for the gubernatorial race he lost in Texas in whatever year, you'll find they don't have ridiculous lines like "is our children learning," "misunderestimate," etc in them. They are actually fairly literate and well-spoken. When he lost that race, PR did a complete overhaul on him and turned him into the down-to-earth red-blooded American guy many people consider him today. (This is based on what my PR major friend was telling me about some project or other he was doing, or some reading he did for a class. So--this bit is along the lines of hearsay, I guess, but only because I'm too tired and distracted to have Google verify it for me.)


Anyway, I don't know where I was going with this post except that I'm glad I'm moving to Sweden. :P

Alice Shade
December 15th, 2006, 11:22 PM

This is hilarious. I want that toy. Seriously.

Alice Shade
January 29th, 2007, 09:09 AM

Religion is dangerous. Nuff else said.

January 29th, 2007, 09:20 AM

An interesting project, which I hadn't heard of until the boyfriend was watching this news clip earlier today.

Though not religious stupidity per se (unless you count the news anchor, or Fox News as an entity).

Alice Shade
February 7th, 2007, 02:35 PM

Let`s ask the dead?

Fallen Hero
February 7th, 2007, 09:03 PM
People will never be smart as a race..

Alice Shade
February 7th, 2007, 09:29 PM
Unless the race will be forcibly cleansed of low IQ genes, no, there will never be race of smart humans. Sadly.

Fallen Hero
February 8th, 2007, 02:30 PM
Even then, there will be problems. You will have to end up with a society that works like Sparta did.. but with intelligence problems and not physical ones.

Alice Shade
February 8th, 2007, 02:36 PM
So what`s the problem?

World`s already close to overpopulation as is.

February 8th, 2007, 07:36 PM
Only this one, Alisa.

Alice Shade
February 8th, 2007, 08:14 PM
Insofar, any birth control world program is gonna be way more cost-effective, then colonisation of other planets. Don`t forget, closest star is hell of a long distance away, still.

February 8th, 2007, 08:19 PM
If only terraforming really existed.

Alice Shade
February 8th, 2007, 08:31 PM
It does. But it`s HELLA expensive.

I mean, it`s POSSIBLE to settle down formaldehyde in Venus atmosphere. Alas, it would take megatons of platinum to catalyse the reaction planet-wise, needed for terraforming.

Alice Shade
February 21st, 2007, 04:36 AM

Pretty telling article. I`m sure they have best intentions - but that`s what road to hell is made from.

Alice Shade
February 21st, 2007, 09:04 PM

Nuff said.

February 21st, 2007, 09:24 PM

I feel kind of bad for laughing, but...

well, I'll let the page speak for itself.

Alice Shade
February 21st, 2007, 09:53 PM
Oh, come on. This one isn`t so bad.

I think they are perfectly aware of what is what, and just are fooling around. Like Society of Creative Anachronism, only with Tolkien twist.

February 22nd, 2007, 09:44 AM
I don't think this an SCA-type RP or whatever page--they have books for sale, with a link that goes to a paypal page where you can buy "Elfen Runes" for $15.

Plus, I have met people who really think they're elves, so I can see this being for real.

Alice Shade
February 22nd, 2007, 09:11 PM
Well, Kokoba... Yes, and no.

I know people, who claim to be elves as well (I know someone, who claims to be halfling, for crying out loud.). Yet, I had noticed, that they are smart enough not to make it a nuisance or bother.

I mean yes, they do like fancying themselves elves, writing songs on elven, whatever - yet, I`ve never seen any of them cramming that down anyone`s throat. If you say "I don`t believe." or "I don`t care.", they`ll just shrug, and talk about something else.

Alice Shade
February 26th, 2007, 10:35 AM

Compare two... It`s SCARY.

Honestly, I`d rather tolerate smart pervert governing my country, then pious idiot.

March 1st, 2007, 04:25 AM
It's embarrassing to have a president who can't even get the name of a game he's not even playing right. *Sigh*


Why do people listen to this man? Seriously. :confused:

Alice Shade
March 1st, 2007, 04:30 AM
Mah. Falwell is a known demagog.

March 1st, 2007, 04:32 PM

One of my friends was accosted by a guy handing out pamphlets from this organization. On the back is a picture of a girl praying, with the caption, "Only humans pray."

I wish I had a copy of that image. =C

Alice Shade
March 2nd, 2007, 02:05 AM
Gah. That`s just sick.

March 2nd, 2007, 02:25 AM
Gah. That`s just sick.

QFT. I feel sorry for the kids that this is being fed to.

March 2nd, 2007, 10:44 AM
Those pamphlets are quite possible the biggest load of s*** I have ever seen.

Alice Shade
March 2nd, 2007, 12:34 PM
Well... Doi.

If I were picking thing that regressed humanity most, those pamphlets could pretty well be that thing.

March 2nd, 2007, 02:47 PM
How is this for stupid:

Man Jailed for 7 Years after trying to cash a cheque from God (http://www.nwitimes.com/articles/2007/02/28/news/top_news/docb86cbdc172a17743862572900000d4c1.txt)

March 2nd, 2007, 06:22 PM

Very, very funny, yet at the same time so sad...

By the way, first post :P

March 2nd, 2007, 06:58 PM
by the way, first post :P

Welcome, enjoy your stay!

Alice Shade
March 3rd, 2007, 02:57 AM
I`m starting to regret I started this thread. ^_^
Because each time something is posted, I find myself wondering again and again, just how come humans are not extinct, yet.

March 4th, 2007, 07:48 AM

Very, very funny, yet at the same time so sad...

By the way, first post :P

I think that looks pretty entertaining, actually. Or like it could be.

Because I'll be damned if I can remember what state Mount Rushmore is in.

March 4th, 2007, 09:48 AM
I had to look it up, but then I am not a Yank. The answer is South Dakota.

March 4th, 2007, 10:05 AM
South Dakota, should have figured. Freaking useless state, all in all.

Alice Shade
March 9th, 2007, 05:41 PM
http://www.thisistrue.com/we_re_not_glad_to_see_you_6997.html - poor guys in Missisippi. Is it just me, or it sounds vaguely Ku-Klux-Klanish?

March 9th, 2007, 07:40 PM
I think that baggy trousers are going to become very popular with men there very soon.

Alice Shade
March 9th, 2007, 08:18 PM
Eh, the article is dated back at 2000 year. So I guess they are already the latest in men fashion there - if the law went in force.

March 9th, 2007, 11:45 PM
Ah, I didn't see that. still a stupid law.

March 10th, 2007, 01:47 AM
I wonder how that got enough votes to become a law anyway... and, more importantly, why it did.

Alice Shade
March 10th, 2007, 07:06 AM
As far as I understood the article, it was a law project by governor, and it didn`t quite went in force - thankfully.

As much as I could care less about topic, it`s idiocy to outlaw something one has no control over. What`s next? Fart fines?

March 10th, 2007, 11:34 AM
Here are some really idiotic statements from South Africa recently, and these tend to get myself and many other South Africans very hot under the collar.

"The former deputy president told the Johannesburg High Court that he took a shower - after having sex with the HIV-positive complainant without a condom - as he believed this minimised his risk of contracting the disease."


Our president stating that there is no proof to the fact the HIV causes Aids.


Our health minister claiming that potatoes, garlic, onions and virgin olive oil will help increase immune systems to counter the aids virus.


Lastly, again our esteemed president stating that crime is not out of control in our country.

South Africa is a country riddled with crime, on both our major news site crime has its own section, also read the comments below on the article itself. At one point our murder rate was only second in the world to a country at war.


There are many more I can add to this list about our government, but at least we still have Madiba.

Alice Shade
March 10th, 2007, 01:45 PM
Ow. Well, HIV statements are idiotic, yes. As for Crime problem - that`d look good in Politics Discussion section. ^_^

March 12th, 2007, 01:45 AM
Nothing better then little people, vs big things.

March 12th, 2007, 01:47 AM

HAHAHA, We have murderers, we don't need to find a truck of brocolli

March 12th, 2007, 01:54 AM

Not really idiocy persay, top eleven deaths of some odd year

Alice Shade
March 12th, 2007, 08:27 AM
Well.... Those are pretty amusing, at least.

March 13th, 2007, 12:09 AM

Apparently, Verizon can't do math.

Alice Shade
May 13th, 2007, 01:30 PM
Updating the idiocy.

It might be an urban legend, but I`ve heard it from two separate people and two separate viewpoints. One is computer salesman, other - medical student.

Our story starts from a young man of low-to-average intellect, and hyper-high self-esteem in everything regarding new age tech.

He bought himself a brand new computer, and was occupied with "getting it tamed", smoking cigarettes for tonus. Not before long, he managed to drop a stump near the computer - not being aware he did.

Quite soon, smouldering stump started melting/burning his floor, and emanating the smoke and smell. Our hero made a frantic circle around the room with scream - "Fiiire!", then having found nothing liquid around, unzipped his fly, and urinated on his computer to "put it out".

Hitting the power supply dead-on, our "Kewl haxxor" had passed out from an electric shock surge to his balls, by his (now short-circuited and profoundly dead) new computer.

Medical student was one of the people called in to treat the guy, when he was discovered. Computer salesman had his part of story, when our hero had attempted to get computer fixed on warranty.

So, here is the tale of woes of another Darwin Award candidate (or laureat).

May 13th, 2007, 02:09 PM
Here is something stupid;

There is a petition to stop Paris "Spoiled Rich Whore" Hilton being set to jail. Why? She deserves at least the 45 days she was sentenced to for drink driving whilst her licence was revoked, she could have fecking killed someone and this isn't the first time she has done it. Why can "celebrities" (note the use of inverted commas in this case) get away with murder (literally in some cases) just because everybody knows who they are.

Fortunately Arnold Swarchenegger (being the governor of the state the offence was committed in) has his head screwed on and said he had more important things to worry about than whether she goes to jail or not. I really hope he doesn't back down and she serves every one of those 45 days.

On a side note her time in jail could be filmed and broadcast as a TV show called "The Simple Life: Inmates". All proceeds to a charity of some description.

May 14th, 2007, 10:59 AM
Who the hell started this petition?

She deserves more than a prison sentence (of a measly 45 days). How about a huge whopping fine to the order of "the going sale price for nearly everything she owns"? Maybe that'll teach her to call a fscking cab. Not like she can't afford it.

I resent drunk drivers not so much because they've killed anyone I love (they haven't) but because they're the leading cause for the insane liquor laws you find all over the country.

May 17th, 2007, 10:22 AM

The celebrity heiress will serve about 23 days in a "special needs housing unit" in a suburb of Los Angeles.

That doesn't sound like much of a punishment, not only has the sentence been reduced but it is not going to be in a conventional prison.

May 18th, 2007, 10:12 AM
Special needs housing unit?

Sounds like a place where kids cut their circles of paper with safety scissors.

Fallen Hero
May 21st, 2007, 03:16 PM
Special needs housing unit?

Sounds like a place where kids cut their circles of paper with safety scissors.

Sounds like somewhere she could learn a thing or two then.

Alice Shade
May 21st, 2007, 09:37 PM
If that`d be a life sentence - maybe. ^_^