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Alice Shade
February 27th, 2007, 05:04 PM
This is an experimental forum section.

Administration gives absolutely NO guarantees about the content posted here, and reserves rights to remove/edit/repost content without any notice whatsoever.

This section allows posting without registration. However, there will be still steps to prevent blatant abuse of this section by spambots.

Any spam posted here is a subject to immediate deletion, along with any posts commenting on such. Definition of spam here is any text, posted here for commercial/promotional reasons.

Likewise, anything else, that administration deems illegal to be posted on this resource, will be removed with all comments. This includes, but not limited to, scam messages, messages promoting hate crimes/racism/pornography/child abuse/domestic violence/substance abuse/software piracy/connery, and others - at discretion of moderators.

Considering, that this resource is staffed by volunteers, who are physically unable to maintain the watch 24/7, we would like to disclaim, that we in NO WAY support any views/messages posted here, unless explicitly stated elsewhere. All messages on this section are considered public property, and do not relate to this resource in any way other then personal opinion of poster.

By posting any messages on this board, poster hereby agrees to indemnify The Church of Google in any and all cases, and accepts all legal recourse, which might originate from the message posted.