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Ambassador Klok Kaos
September 7th, 2008, 03:36 PM
I'm dissapointed. I was lied to, there is no meatspinner link here, and this is where the noobs go. :icon_cry:
In any case, now that i've found this hole it's time introduce some stuff about me.

I make noise by yelling, pushing buttons, hitting things with sticks and pulling on strings. Some people think I'm good at, but some people also believe in ass goblins so you have to do your best to try and separate the bologna from the ass goblin from the ... nm I wasn't going anywhere with that. Anyhow, my noise can be viewed here www.aklokwerkkaos.com which is really just a tub girl link, so click it you pervert. I have 2 projects in music "A kLoKwErK kAoS" which is more industrial/goth/metal oriented and the second actually is more appropraited to googlist mindset being "A kLoKwErK kAoS presents..." thre is myspace, there is other stuff, just poe at it some time. I am a gamer nerd as well (I play WoW regularly and have a pet project world for tabletop I'll eventually post in a wiki format someday.), just not a big woosey, and I have tattoos to prove it, because having tattoos means you are a bad ass- I read that on a bathroom stall wall once, so it has to be true. I am big fan of your mother jokes, to the point where they become annoying and no longer funny (as if they ever were?) because that is the true suffering begins and it's delicious. The same can be said for other various gags like chuck norris, the ball game and posting goatsee links, though I can say this place is the first to ever introduce me to the glorious meat spinner. I like to study intellectual "stuff and things" as well as take in entertainment of the poorest quality. I want a nap now, so that's all you get.
Ambassador KLOK KAOS

Charles Manson
September 7th, 2008, 04:02 PM
I want my minute and 30 seconds back.

Ambassador Klok Kaos
September 7th, 2008, 04:05 PM
I want my minute and 30 seconds back.

I refuse to use to gooding grammarishness for the sake of the people attempting to understand my dribble. I could possibly putt in paragraph breaks and reposting select segments somewhere else though. Maybe that will be less of an eyesore :coffee: