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View Full Version : mind of us all

April 14th, 2009, 07:27 AM
In the mind of a man a digital image unfolds ever so slowly and peace by peace upon a large screen of imagination. It is a image comming into view of the mans place in a world of discovery and reconciliation with his place in the universe. A humming noise is heard through the howling winds of the little rover as it comes upon a cave; and as it enters this cave lights come on from the rover and illuminates the walls of the cave. On the walls of this cave are writings from a alien hand. That alien hand was that of a dying Martian...the last of a royal line that ruled the surface of Cydonia before the comming of 'the stones' that wreaked havoc upon a once lush and beautiful planet. Looking back a million years we can see through the courtyard by the temple columns a face under construction that will warn others and also signal for help as a world dies. The last of a thousand year reign of a family comes to an end as the stones reveal their awesome onslaught upon this old civilization. The planet was under rule for a million years by many different rulers, and never a time of extreme trouble existed. A paradise taken down and blown away into dust.