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View Full Version : Nazi blogosphere vs facts (DJ Cain remix)

April 15th, 2009, 04:37 PM
Yo back up now and give a brother room,
The fuse is lit and I'm about to go "boom!"
Mercy mercy mercy me
My life is a cage, but on stage I'm free (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ_b0MBVLWA&feature=related)

I’ve asked this question before: Suppose the natives in some Western European countries actually start to seriously resisting the organized destruction of their countries, halt mass immigration and reverse Multiculturalism. How will American authorities and media react to this?

Frankly, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they turn out to be actively hostile to native Europeans. That was the case with Clinton and with Bush, who after all supported the continued Islamization of Europe through Turkish membership of the European Union. It will be even worse with Obama, an anti-white Marxist.

As we know, a “Nazi” these days is not one of the many Muslims and their Leftist cheerleaders who shout “Death to Jews! in the streets of Europe; it’s any white person who doesn’t lie down and die on command. If we don’t lie down and die, we must be Nazis. We are after all Europeans.- Gates of Vienna (http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2009/01/den-neuen-lebensraum.html)

Fascists in Europe have seen this more recent immigration as a threat to the cultural homogeneity and national traditions of their countries. They have often exploited increases in the numbers of Muslims to claim that they are defending Christianity against Islam. Opposition to immigration has been one of the common threads within various fascist movements, and it is arguable that it plays the same role for such movements today as anti-Semitism did for inter-war Nazism and its imitators.The Encyclopedia of World Fascism, page 367

JERUSALEM — Even as Barack Obama becomes the 44th president of the United States, anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi, whose ties to Obama stirred controversy during the campaign, has stated he could currently communicate with the incoming commander in chief, WND has learned.

Amid concern within the pro-Israel Jewish community, Obama repeatedly had denied he was influenced by Khalidi.

In an interview with the radical Democracy Now! news network last week, Khalidi expressed hope Obama would alter U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, talking to “all sides” of the Israeli-Palestinian arena. He also criticized Israel for killing civilians in the Gaza Strip the past few weeks and for leading what he termed a “propaganda campaign” to de-legitimize the Hamas terrorist organization.- World Net Daily (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=86610)

In practice, the term cosmopolitan was applied by interwar fascists chiefly to Marxists, Freemasons, and Jews. In Nazi thinking, Marxism and Freemasonry were themselves part of an international Jewish conspiracy, so that “cosmopolitan” often meant “Jewish.”The Encyclopedia of World Fascism, page 188

In March 2008, I challenged Sen. Barack Obama to expand on his August 2007 comments that terrorists “seek to create a repressive caliphate… To defeat this enemy, we must understand who we are fighting against, and what we are fighting for.” In his August 2007 speech, Sen. Obama stated that terrorists “distort Islam.”

But Barack Obama never recognized that such an Islamic supremacist caliphate is a central goal of the Islamic supremacist ideology itself. \Moreover, instead of demonstrating an understanding of the enemy and condemning those who support such an Islamic supremacist caliphate, thus far Barack Obama has continued to send signals to legitimize Islamic supremacist supporters.- Family Security Matters (http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.2315/pub_detail.asp)

Past and contemporary fascists invariably link the question of the family to wider demographic concerns involving the very survival and standing of the nation. An expanding population, dependent on family formation and the performance of its reproductive and child-nurturing responsibilities, was and is regarded by fascists as both an indicator and a source of national power and security in an unstable and competitive international scene. In the same vein, the defense of the family is often also connected to the defense of the race and racial purity.The Encyclopedia of World Fascism, page 257

I have often wondered as a young man, how people can so easily utter the phrases, “All men are created equal”, and “there is no difference between races, we are all human”. Why is it that people so easily believe this nonsense without questioning?

After being born, growing up and living in Africa for 40 years, I know that the above phrases have no substance. I have observed and taken in many things over the years. Nobody is going to convince me that an African Black is my equal. Not even by a long shot.

There are many people who have lived in Africa longer than me, who believe those phrases. We call them Liberals. They are also not my equal.- The Home of the Green Arrow (http://isupporttheresistance.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-eskimo-caused-demise-of-western.html)

While the pseudo-scientific model of interwar racism was brought into overwhelming disrepute in the shadow of the revelations concerning the “Final Solution,” racism’s relevance to ethnocentric models of nationalism has not worn off. Generic economic shifts—first with the wave of immigration during the boom years of the 1950s and 1960s, and subsequently through the “unwanted” influx of immigrants desperate to escape from the poverty of the Third World—have kept a reservoir of racially motivated resentment alive in some sectors of postwar European societies.The Encyclopedia of World Fascism, page 589

Political Correctness is often referred to, more accurately in my opinion, as Cultural Marxism. It is unquestionably a nefarious term - if you think about it logically, it essentially states that one’s political opinions are either correct or incorrect, with the government, or ruling elite as the arbitrator. This is essentially totalitarianism.

The punishment for not adhering to the politics and langauge endorsed by the ruling elite varies, but in today’s Britain one may face disciplinary action in the work place or even criminal charges. In addition, and arguably more effective is the social stigma attached to using the incorrect terminology - fear of ostracism, for example may lead to people modifying their behaviour in order to comply with the promoted ideology.

In my humble opinion, free speech is inversely related to multiculturalism. The more culturally diverse a society, the more people will be ‘offended’ and antagonised and thus the greater the propensity for civil disorder - thus legislation is used to restrict freedom.- Unrepetant British Nationalist (http://unrepentantbritishnationalist.blogspot.com/2009/01/political-correctness.html)

Celebrated as the main inspirer of postwar “Eurocommunism,” Gramsci has also made an impact on postwar fascism. [...] His Prison Notebooks gave him an international reputation as a Marxist philosopher. Gramsci pioneered the concept that political movements need to attain a “cultural hegemony” in society in order to be successful. Contemporary European New Right intellectuals generally share a long-term, right-wing metapolitical strategy akin to that of Gramsci. A right-wing Gramscianism is designed to awaken certain individuals—namely, intellectual, political, and economic elites—to new ways of seeing and being, to change hearts and minds, and to gain support for alternative, counterhegemonic conceptions of the world. For Gramsci, like the ENR, the precondition for all successful revolutions in history has first been a revolt against both the dominant spirit and cultural apparatus of the age. This nonviolent, metapolitical stance is directed primarily at societal elites and intellectuals rather than at the masses and has been a practical and tactical choice on the part of the postwar Right, conditioned by the public’s negative historical associations of this political position with the legacies of Italian Fascism and German Nazism.The Encyclopedia of World Fascism, page 322

The Obama faithful had better get used to disappointment, no American President can govern without the good will of the supporters of Israel, and not one of them, the messiah elect included ,would dare speak out against them. (It is also possible that someone in the Knesset has possession of a document marked “Barcak’s real Birth Certificate”).- Sarah, Maid of Albion (http://sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com/2009/01/silent-messiah.html)

A belief in conspiracy theories is an important feature of a large variety of extreme-right movements (though it is by no means limited to them). The most notorious example is undoubtedly the belief of the Nazis in a Jewish world conspiracy, and the combination of conspiracy theories with anti-Semitism has often featured in the discourse of extreme-right parties. [...] Reflecting the competitive Social Darwinist dynamics of international relations that came to the foreground in the late nineteenth century, they became outspokenly nationalist. The groups accused of conspiracies were more and more described as cosmopolitan elites allied to foreign powers. Such theories of the betrayal of the nation abounded in the period following World War I and formed a basic feature of extreme-right discourse in Germany.The Encyclopedia of World Fascism, page 149

And onto the outro

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities for the far Right. Thousands of extremist websites now proliferate because of the affordability of web authoring packages. These have enabled even the most isolated and impoverished extremist to jettison samizdat publishing and limited distribution networks, replacing them with professional, multimedia technology that can globally project a sophisticated and “respectable” image, crucial for those seeking electoral success. Such a medium also offers the advantage of easy manipulation according to the target audience, particularly the youthful and disaffected, though paradoxically the evidence suggests that this is the socioeconomic group least likely to have access to the Internet. Extremists use the Internet as a means of disseminating ideological tracts and virulently racist material, downloadable flyers, Internet radio programs, details of demonstrations, publications, contact addresses, e-group discussion forums, mailing lists (often with tens of thousands of adherents), and even Aryan dating pages as a means of both recruiting and fostering communal cohesion among often disparate activists.


This virtual activism compensates for the numerical weakness of the far Right by fostering among geo-graphically isolated activists an inflated sense of belonging to a global and vigorous “cyber-community,” a virtual cocoon shielded from antifascist opposition in the “real world,” though this also has the potential disadvantage of removing activism into the ethereal realm and thereby neutering its actual effect.The Encyclopedia of World Fascism, page 197

And repeat to fade