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View Full Version : Love letter to Google, Mon Amour

October 5th, 2009, 08:40 AM
Hello guys,

I`ve been lurking around the church of Google forum for some time now but never got around to register. I decided to do this now and instead of an introduction I might just well start with something funny. We were thinking in the office (I work for a UK translation company called Lingo24) that our relationship with Google is like a love novel as it has sad parts but also happy ones and hopefully a happy-end. Our beloved Google is nothing short of a Don Juan leaving a lot of people (and websites) wanting more but never admitting its true love. For this we thought Google deserved a love letter that might soften its heart, so 'An Open Letter to G, Mon Amour' was born...

An Open Letter to G, Mon Amour:
I can remember when we first met. I was lonely and hungry. You were plain; a stick of a thing compared to your current self. You didn’t say much. You didn’t need to. You’d captured the Zeitgeist. It wasn’t love at first sight – I knew even then that competition for your affections would be fierce. But I think even you would admit that you saw something in me. We were on the same page... http://www.lingo24.com/blogs/company/an-open-letter-to-g-mon-amour.html (http://www.lingo24.com/blogs/company/an-open-letter-to-g-mon-amour.html)