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View Full Version : Secret Pen Pal

February 20th, 2010, 04:23 PM
So a friend of mine sent me this e-mail containing a cool concept and it's also utilizing Google Maps and Google Docs to serve it's purpose.

Basically you get an invitation so you can view a spreadsheet. From there you add your mailing information and save it.

There is a cool little quirk to all of this. Also here is the original message, just without the link to the document containing the addresses for obvious reasons.

j- and k- and i came up with an idea for a fun snail mail project. we found a site that allows us to print a google map on a sheet of paper, but with fold outlines so you can make an envelope out of it: http://lifehacker.com/5469709/mapenvelope-makes-envelope-templates-from-google-maps

a black and white map would be just as fun.
this doc allows us to add our name and address so i can randomize it and give each person a different name and address. then, you send your person an anonymous (or not) piece of mail using this envelope; or any other if that's better. it'll be like secret santa only with mail; or, if you prefer, you can call it a long distance mixer via snail mail.

if you'd like in, just add your info. if not, cool; but please don't share our info with anyone.

merci. oh, and if you can think of others who may be interested, please forward. same rules apply though. no sharing of the personal info.

If you're interested hit me up with your e-mail and I'll forward this to you containing the links to the document and original e-mail.