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View Full Version : that time of year yet again....

December 23rd, 2010, 06:37 PM
So its 8am over here in kiwi land... on Christmas eve no less....

So id like to thank you all for making my year just that little bit better, with all the laughs, and some seriously intense philisophical debates :icon_lol:

So how bout sharing some of your good stuff from 2010??

Personally... this time last year, i was considered an un-skilled and low paid laborer, with no future prospects.... And now i'm the manager of moderate sized scrap metal company.... ive moved (only slightly) above New Zealands poverty line... and exactly a month ago, saw the birth of my first child... my son... :icon_cool:

A fairly busy year for me... But just what have rest of you been up to ???

December 24th, 2010, 11:56 PM
Well Merry Christmas from your bigger brother to the west, Australia.

This year for me has been, well, interesting. Been a good year of realization and discovering more about myself.

Might I take this moment to share what I celebrate today, which is representative of the birth of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Because of His birth, life, death and resurrection, I am saved from my sin and made anew. I hope and pray all of you that I've gotten to know over the past few years have a wonderful day amongst family and friends and all those we love and cherish well, and we can all take time to be thankful for what we have.

God bless you all!

December 26th, 2010, 09:11 AM
Happy holidays everyone.
Hope you enjoyed yourselves. :)