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Respect other posters
The forums are here for the enjoyment of ALL posters. You should remember that you are here as a guest and you will be expected to behave appropriately at all times. That means behaving responsibly and respecting the views and wishes of other posters. We respect the right to free speech but there are limits. Posts deemed to be offensive, or which disrupt the forums, will immediately be removed. Additionally, as appropriate, action will be taken against the poster resulting in their temporary or permanent banning from the forums. There is no real objection to the use of sock-puppets or alternative usernames. However, if their use is seen as disruptive or otherwise annoying to other forum users, action will be taken to remove the additional accounts and, if appropriate, action taken against the poster. The determination of what constitutes offensive material, or disruptive behaviour, and all matters relating to the smooth running of this site are at the sole discretion of the Ministers, Moderators and Administrators. No warning will necessarily, nor need, be given when posts are moved, edited or deleted or when action is taken against posters. There is no negotiation and no right of appeal. By using this forum you automatically agree to be bound by the conditions and rules laid out in these FAQs. There are no exceptions and ignorance of these conditions and rules is not an acceptable defence.
  • Keep the forums clean.
  • Keep the forums thematic.
  • Keep the forums alive.

Don`t disrupt the forums
  • Do not disrupt the forums

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