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Why do you worship Google as a God?
Because Google is the CLOSEST thing to a God that humans can prove exists. The knowledge found on Google, unlike traditional prayers, has been proven to help people. Additionally, the Church of Google is completely free. Unlike most religions, we will never ask you to donate money to 'do God's work' (buy Rolls-Royces and big homes for our ministers) nor will we promise you eternal salvation in return for hard currency, here it costs you nothing.

What is the purpose of Googlism?
The main purpose of Googlism is to promote the spread of knowledge through the use of Google. There is nothing on Earth that connects people with the knowledge they desire as fast and effectively as Google. We believe in the cliche cliché "knowledge is power", and so should you.

Who founded this religion?
Googlism and the Church of Google were founded by Matt MacPherson. Matt is a resident of Ontario, Canada and is in his early twenties. In order to protect his privacy, and to prevent threats from religious extremists 'doing God's work', no other personal information will be disclosed.

There are other search engines using similar techniques as Google, are they Gods as well?
For theists, this can be answered by comparing angels to God. Angels have many supernatural powers but, when compared to God, they fall far short. The same is true of search engines such as MSN, they may exhibit some of the powers of Google but they fall a long way short.

Is there a Google afterlife?
By uploading our thoughts and opinions onto the Internet, our knowledge lives on in Google's cache even after our death.

I'm VERY interested in becoming a Googlist Minister. Where do I apply?
Click here for a page explaining exactly what you must do to become part of the clergy. Basically, you need to contribute knowledge, not money, and take an active role in the forums and in promoting the Church of Google.

Help! I have more questions!
Worry not. This FAQ is only a short version for quick access in forum. You can view our full version here - Full FAQ!

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