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Default Take a survey?

I`ve been thinking, that perhaps, it could be easier to see, where everyone stands, if there was some basic information available.

This, as one can understand, is purely voluntary, as it is personal information, and could be withheld at one`s discretion.

Moreso, if one wishes to take a survey, but finds certain questions too personal/uncomfortable/unreasonable, omitting them is entirely reasonable and acceptable.
Preferably, if one omits a question, tagging "No Comment" as answer is a good idea, to clearly delineate, that this topic of inquiry is unwelcome.

Please, do NOT post your comments here. If you feel like commenting on someone`s survey, start a discussion thread at the Worldly Discussion forum, or PM the person in question.

Here`s a suggested survey. If one feels, that there are some additional questions to include, they are welcome to include them in their survey answers.

Name: Gender: Age: Origin: Current location: _____________________________________________________________ Education(s): Occupation(s): Misc. Skills: _____________________________________________________________ Sexual preference: Marital status: Children: _____________________________________________________________ Religion: Philosophy: Superstitions: _____________________________________________________________ Plans (if any): Ambition: Favorite quote(s):

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