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Name: Alice Shade

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Origin: USSR

Current location: Ukraine, Odessa


Education(s): University diploma in mechanics and psychology. Pending system&network administrator certificate.

Occupation(s): Currently, truck driver. Previous included, but not limited to - tech support, sys&net admin, repair technician, army medic, bouncer.

Misc. Skills: Sufficient proficience in number of hobbies. Most prominent are - computer science, reading, hand-to-hand, rifleshooting, jury-rigging, cooking.


Sexual preference: Lesbian.

Marital status: Committed.

Children: None.


Religion: Googlism.

Philosophy: Satanism.

Superstitions: Won`t kick black cat (or any cat, as a matter of fact).


Plans (if any): Preferably, persuade girlfriend to transfer to less demanding job. Participate in 2007 regional rifleshooting contest.

Ambition: Real - none. Wishful thinking - become stinking rich, and spend the rest of days at Hawaii.

Favorite quote(s): "I`m my own god, I do as I please." LaVey.

I don`t suffer from the lack of sanity.
It`s others, who have it in excess.
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