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Name: Katherine

Gender: Female

Age: 20, 21 in June

Origin: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia metro

Current location: Studying abroad in Stockholm for the semester


Education(s): pursuing a bachelor's in Creative Writing and another in Philosophy

Occupation(s): I'm a full-time student, though in the summer I work at a cave.

Misc. Skills: I'm interested in a lot more things than I'm actually good at: music, languages, Tarot, occult bullshittery, writing...


Sexual preference: Girls are pretty, but I find I prefer boys.

Marital status: Long-term relationship

Children: 0!! DO NOT WANT


Religion: Googlist, of course! :)

Philosophy: Something of a cross between Satanism, Taoism, transcendentalism, technopaganism, etc. All is flux.

Superstitions: I check my solar return chart every year, keep track of the phases of the moon and Mercury retrogrades, and say "Rabbit rabbit" for good luck on the first of every month.


Plans (if any): Finish school, not be totally unemployed

Ambition: Move to Sweden with my boyfriend and make scads of money doing something I like doing.

Favorite quote(s): "Il faut cultiver notre jardin." Voltaire, Candide

"We should cultivate our garden."

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." Antoine de Saint-Éxupery, Le Petit Prince

"One can't see well but with the heart. What is necessary is invisible to the eyes."
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