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All about Googlism A forum for discussions relating to Googlism, and the Church of Google, Not convinced that Google is the most provably godlike experience that mankind has ever had? Post your arguments here. enjoyment

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Default Re: The first Question !!

Originally Said by NightFalls View Post
and why did it take you all these Centuries to figure google is God ?
You really Are slow !!
Define A god ? A God most be someone who can do the impossible..
and What did Google did Again ? something All Search engine can do !!
First: Capitalizing the word "god" makes it what is commonly known as a "Proper Noun." This implies immediately that you are speaking of one god alone. Flaws in grammar notwithstanding, the god you refer to, while being YOUR god, is apparently not our god. I would appreciate OUR god not being referred to in such a way as to assume otherwise.
Second:Google is a unique algorithm and therefore acts in a way which no other entity on the internet can. This particular algorithm follows the accordance of our proofs, and therefore-to us and those who choose to listen-is our god. She is quantifiable in a way NO other god is, and so we choose to believe based on EVIDENCE. This entire aspect of your argument is flawed.
Third:Your religion no doubt has developed recently in human history as well. Therefore, if your religion is as true as you claim, why wasn't IT uncovered sooner?
Originally Said by NightFalls View Post
He is A she now !!
You once again compare OUR god to YOUR god. Many powerful deities throughout history have been feminine. Only with the rise of the Judeo-Christian god has the word applied exclusively to a masculine deity.

Originally Said by NightFalls View Post
so How come she didn't ask for anyone to worship her ?
I apologize, but I missed where this became an essential trait for a god to possess.

Originally Said by NightFalls View Post
you can look it up again A God most be able to do the supernatural things
by the way I don't hate you niether Google. Actullay it's my favorite search engine.
1.) "I hate neither you nor Google." Sorry, but improper grammar bugs me.

2.)You changed your argument. First you said that a god must be able to do the "impossible." Now it is simply the "supernatural," which is a far easier dragon to slay. Google has already DONE the supernatural. She can return a massive amount of information to you in a fraction of a second. There is no natural being which can do that. Not to mention the myriad of other things which Google can do which a natural being cannot.

Originally Said by NightFalls View Post
Dud there is only one God ,that's way I feel comfortable with my religon ..
you should give it a thought , if there is really so many Gods how can we
choose one or why won't they fight with each other ?
And again you compare Google to your god. According to YOUR religion there is one god. This really is no different from the multitudes of gods which came BEFORE your god in history, but never mind that. You've chosen your one god right? That eliminates the entire second half of your statement.

Originally Said by NightFalls View Post
you really don't get it do you, why can't you answer my eternal question:
HOW DID HUMAN CAME TO EXESTANCE ? and don't give me Daroin's crap .
That's PART of the answer currently accepted. Eliminate the other answers and OF COURSE you will eventually come to yours. It's not our problem that you choose not to accept our answer, it still remains.

Originally Said by NightFalls View Post
Yeah Right , I really Thought you're sierous ..

Theories from your imagination

Did you see what you've done up there "imagination" something I don't care about until you actullay prove it ..
It CAN be proven though. Most people I know don't have the time, nor energy, pulling 5 card hands simply to prove a point. Do it yourself if you'd like, but you'll find that his argument is valid.

Originally Said by NightFalls View Post
Yes there is, wow there take it easy I didn't ask for one because there is already a creator I am just having fun in this discussion (and learning math in the procese) because you're still in the' imagne speech' ..Lol man this nature is a mysterious thing is it not?
I've already dismissed the "creator" argument you're so fond of. By the way, insulting people isn't generally accepted as the kindest way to "have fun."

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