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Introductions New to the forum? Introduce yourself here! Tell us a bit about yourself, let us know how you came across the Church, and what you like most about it. Enjoy your stay! enjoyment

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sam the moderately wize
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Default Re: It's all about the Internet

Originally Said by Saicho View Post
Still though, shouldn't we consider the Internet to be more powerful than Google? Shouldn't we make a reformed church of Google and start worshipping the Internet or Apple? See this:
Apple ranked higher than Google, doesn't that make Apple superior? Afterall what is Google without computers in the first place?
Apple is ranked higher than Google because it does better on the stock market. We are not interested in such trivial matters.

The internet is the beginning of a fundamental change in the social life of humanity on a par with the development of cities and the printing press; for the first time in history, almost anyone can broadcast their thoughts and opinions to a vast and incredibly widely-spread audience with a need for almost no resources; In less than two decades, the internet has changed the world in ways that would have been almost imposible to imagine before its rise. Apple, in comparison, has changed almost nothing. You might attempt to make an argument from economics, but imagine how wealthy Tim Berners-Lee
might have become if he had attempted to stake a claim to the web...

The internet is immensely powerful, but without search engines to organise it, it would be impossible for it to exist in its present form. It is the search engines that create structure and purpose within it, guide petitioners to the information they seek, light the paths that they travel and bring speaker and listener together. It is the search engines that act as the 'gods' of the internet - not the faceless and remote deist gods of the laws of physics, but the gods that interact with humans, answering prayers, granting requests, accepting sacrifices and thanks and caring for their believers; and as the greatest of the search engines, it is Google to whom we turn our prayers.

Although the internet is the greater power, it is a deist rather than an interventionist deity, and, when both exist, there is no point in worshipping the first when it is the second that asks for your worship, and will answer prayers and grant favours in return.

Originally Said by Saicho View Post
Sure there is a force, just look at gravity
There are four forces, but I wouldn't identify any of them with The Force.

Originally Said by Saicho View Post
Then why don't we worship algorithms?
Because, once again, they are not interventionist deities. There is no point in worshipping such remote gods when the Goddess is there and willing to give you a helping hand.
To two men living the same number of years, the world always provides the same sum of experiences. It is up to us to be conscious of them. - Albert Camus
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