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sam the moderately wize
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Default Re: Is Google actualy good?

Originally Said by gman View Post
hit the nail on the head the financial meltdown was triggered by it for sure, but unfunded spending by governments is still a part of the underlying problem, and its not something you can tax your way out of without further depressing the economy and making recovery impossible.
cuts are the only option so when those who have been told they are entitled to something "for free" (the big lie somebody always pays) they are going to riot and start class warfare (the other big lie) when they see the money isn't coming any more.
I don't feel I know enough about the way these things work to be able to fit my thoughts together on this one. The last time Britain needed austerity like it apparently needs it now was after the second world war, when we owed huge debts to the US and the banks and were suffering from an economy that had been melted by the war, a huge number of missing workers from deaths and virtual deaths, and a drain on resources from army pensions, injured veterans ect. ect. And yet we ended up with the NHS, the welfare state, social security, the works. From nothing. And now we're in a depression the government is dismantling the welfare state. There's something fishy going on, and I don't know what it is.

Originally Said by gman View Post
there is probably a sustainable amount of socialism in every country (if you can fight back the creep and keep it from increasing) having small populations and vast natural resources like the country's you list helps, but you also need a regulatory and tax climate that supports a vibrant enough economy to sustain it...

Originally Said by gman View Post
they do have some, company's cant stay in business without the good will of there customers, big business is the same as government the responsibility for keeping them honest falls on us, blindly putting big government in charge of regulating big business wont work, it is to much "fox watching the hen house" its up to us to watch them all, both are susceptible to corruption ..
Agreed again, but someone needs to have executive powers over big business, and there's nobody with more of a right to it than the government.

Originally Said by gman View Post
i cant say for sure where your country is at, but there is a point where raising taxes lowers revenue and lowering taxes increases it, "the weirdness of economics". they should go after tax cheats, and you cant complain to much about national defense you do need some , i cant say i like how Afghanistan is going my self, but the need to stop terrorists is obvious...
Yes, I know lowering taxes can stimulate growth, thus increasing profits and so increasing revenue in the long run. Cutting 1 million public sector jobs and then cutting corporation tax still seems like an effort to roll back the state in favour of the public sector, though, rather than an effort to revitalise the economy. We don't need nukes, and there's no evidence that the war in Afghanistan is reducing terrorist attacks.
To two men living the same number of years, the world always provides the same sum of experiences. It is up to us to be conscious of them. - Albert Camus
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