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Serious Discussion Come in and discuss world-critical matters: Science, Politics, Current Events, Religion, etc. This forum is for those wishing to debate topics so please keep on-topic and avoid short posts simply to say 'I agree', etc.

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Default Code of Conduct! Actually read before you flip.

So after this weekends events, I feel I will take my stab at trying to come up with a nice little code of conduct for everyone.

NOW! Before you all go freaking out actually take the time to read this, none of this is much to ask and should make the CoG experience more enjoyable for everyone!

First and foremost!

Originally Said by scikidus
Things are only moderated if someone reports them.
There should never be a need for an infraction.If a moderator/admin/minister feels the need for one, they must bring it up to the ministry and have a full consensus on said infraction.

Admins/Mods/Ministers are not infallible, they can (and will) make mistakes. If you feel that a decision was unjust you may bring it up in public or private! Private is more preferred because doing it in public makes it seem like you whining. And we all know, there is no crying in Googlism.

'Foolhardiness' goes along with the infractions. This term is an absolute bullshit term. Anyone who gives out this infraction from here on out will be blamed of abusing his modding/administrative/minister duities and will be talked about within the ministry.

Bannings should almost never be taken into consideration! Here at the Church of Google we accept all kinds of people. No matter your religious dogma or how you live your life, we wish you to feel welcome here. However spammers will not be tolerated and may be banned at any moment if we feel you have spammed too much. This is mainly for obvious spam (like the WoW gold spam we seem to get.)

Most importantly.
Treat everyone with the same amount of respect that you would like in return! Nobody is better then the last. Nobody is above (despite site status) anyone else on this forum. Simply put, show love for your fellow member and poster.

Onto posting and different sections.

A few things that are not accepted:
Spam! - should be obvious.
Child Porn! - or other offensive images. -IF I SEE IT, IT WILL BE REPORTED ALONG WITH ACCESS TO IP - F.H.
These may result in bans without warning!

The Serious Discussion section is for just that. SERIOUS DISCUSSION! There will be no personal attacks tolerated here. Simply put, if you make a personal attack against someone one of three things may happen. 1) That post may be deleted. 2) That post may be altered to say something positive 3) The thread may be thrown to IFU to feed the dogs.

Remember, it's not okay to dis people in this section. It is okay to dis ideas though. However try to keep it to something better then "that idea is stupid!"

"And by dis I mean disagree"

The General Discussion section is for more of a light hearted discussion. Personal attacks are more tolerated here, however it should be in more of a light hearted tone. Flame wars will result in being moved to IFU.

The Googlism Chat section is for ANYTHING regarding Googlism, Google or the Church. Also this forum can be used to contact the ministry publicly.

The Introductions section is where you can kick off your shoes and get comfortable here at the CoG! We would like for you to feel welcome. Other then the pursuit of knowledge, our goal is to make you feel welcomed and a valuable member to our community.

The I'm Feeling Unlucky (or commonly called IFU) section is about 99.9% unmoderated. If you see any moderating going on notify a member of the Ministry immediatly so it can be looked at and taken care of.

The Suggestion/Idea Box section is where we can hear your voice! Nothing is more important then feedback here at the CoG as to how we can make it a better place. So if you have a suggestion or idea that you feel is worth being mentioned do it here! Not only is it welcome, it is wanted!

The Hatemail Discussion section is for us to add the hatemail we get from our adoring religious fundamentalists. Stop on by for some lulz.

The Guestroom section is unique. We allow non-registered and registered users to post here. A lot is tolerated other then spam, offensive imagery or child porn.

If you post anything NSFW please link it (DO NOT POST IMAGES) and give fair warning that it's NSFW.

If there is anything I missed please let me know.
Also if this is an acceptable code of conduct, lets get into action!

(Any piss take posts will be moved to IFU, this is open for serious discussion only!)

scikidus says:
Sign your reps! If someone doesn't sign their rep, and you want to know who it was, ask an admin!
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