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Suggestion/Idea Box Have an idea or suggestion regarding our website? This is the place to post it. We're always open for new ideas or new ways to promote the church. enjoyment

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Old May 10th, 2009, 05:11 AM   #1
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Default The Plan to Magically Erase the Past:

Personally, this is what i think we should to to get ourselves out of this mess and clean up the site. STOP BICKERING. United we stand divided we fall. Here is my proposed plan to do so:
I. We need to forgive and forget about the past. I dont care who did what before, or why/how people came here. It doesn't fucking matter.

1. PD'ers, i dont care why you came here, even if all you wanted to do was to fuck shit up. As long as you are sincerely commited to this site and honestly want to improve it (instead of just sticking with your original intent of fucking shit up.); then you are always welcome here. If your only goal here is to hunt daruko down until hes a smoldering pile of ash, or to tear down this forum and turn it into another PD, or to generally piss everyone off; then fuck off, because you are NOT WELCOME HERE!
2. Daruko, take it easy man. Forgive the PD'ers for hunting you down aimlessly. Forgive them for banning you from PD. Just forgive them. Let it go, what is done is done, people should stop bothering you (as stated above) so its fine. I love your contributions, but half the time you are the only one bickering with the PD'ers, and when you do that, everyone loses. If you have to, ignore them. Dont worry about Lamb, he'll go away eventually.
3. CoG regulars (non PD): guys bear with me here. We have been through a lot of bickering between PD and Daruko. But that does not mean we dont cause our fair share of the bickering. Which one of us hasn't lashed out at daruko or the PD'ers everyonce in a while. If you look above, I pointed out that the PD crowd needs to get serious about being a part of this forum or leave. (That does not mean that they need to be serious in a parody religion, just means they need to stop being asses and contribute to the forum.) What we need to do is recognize which PD'ers are being serious about the forum or just trying to hunt Daruko down/fuck up our forum. We need to be generally welcoming to the former and come down hard on the latter. If we manage to do that, then we can assimilate the PD crowd into our forum without assuming that every PD forumite is squishy vermin or just here to fuck around. (as daruko and S7S have been guilty of numerous times id say.) We also need to make sure to not bicker amongst ourselves.
4. Erasmus, regardless of how the site was before, its differant now. I dont think we have the unity to change it that much right now. Hate to dissapoint. That does not mean the site cannot change. If the groups above agree to the above conditions and advise, then we should be able to stop the bickering long enough to get shit done. So for now, stop talking altogether about changing the mods/admins. They will hold untill we need the change. The site isn't going anywhere.

Ok so the rest of the thread is for everyone mentioned to agree/disagree to the above terms. Just remember, the plan wont work unless everyone plays along. Dont be "that guy" who is the only one holding us back.
I really believe that this is something that will genuinely move us forward. STAY UNIFIED.
Dr. OUT!
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But sometimes they dont make sense.

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