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Default Political wings and objectives.

Alright, political parties separate each-other with objective titles such as Liberal, Conservative, Communist, blah bleh blah bleh blue. Now, these titles are advertising tools used to blind the onlookers to sway to a side based on the pop culture memory of events. Now these events may not reflect the true standpoint of the political party no matter what you think, and this capitalistic society just isn't working. As the upper class makes income and the longer they stay upper class the more out of tune with reality they become, and as that happens, the price of things like housing and transportation rises because they think things are worth what they put forth. NOW, if you oversource things like property values and vehicle prices, you make it impossible for the lower class to conserve dollars and maintain a moderate lifestyle, now that this is beginning to happen the upper class is now realizing how dependent it is on the consumer market, Back in my day you could buy a full-packaged vehicle for about, 9000 dollars, this was affordable considering cost of living, and job availability on the overage of taxes vs productability. And you could buy a nice three bedroom house for around, 40,000 dollars. NOW only 15 years later, the market value of both objectives outweighs the hike in the cost of living, the difference in this cost is a minimal 16.56% where the hike in market is roughly, 200%. Get what I'm saying? Not only that the new products that are being made are not made to last, again the 9000 dollar vehicle's I bought were designed to be repaired by the owner. God I love those Ramchargers..... Gotta love em.
Not only this the minimum wage increase is only roughly 45% So how the hell does the commonwealth make ends meet? I'll tell you how, they don't.
Which makes me believe that the corporate heads are either retarded or all are on crack.

Now the objective of this is thought, within all the political labels, which one addresses the problems of today? Not the problems of 1943, which most politicians if you talked to them are still mildy freaked out about.
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