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Suggestion/Idea Box Have an idea or suggestion regarding our website? This is the place to post it. We're always open for new ideas or new ways to promote the church. enjoyment

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Default New Promotional Video

I've had this idea for awhile and maybe mentioned some of the ideas at some point before, but okay, here it is. We develop a promotional video for Googlism, LDS/Scientology/JW style or whatever. Basically, something that comes across as fanatical and SRS, challenges religious assumptions, provokes creative thought, and promotes Googlism to those hopefully chuckling while watching. We could distribute this via DVD to people's homes and businesses, publish on Youtube, present as an informative element on the site, or burn it and laugh maniacally after we finish it, for no particular reason other than that we are all insane.

For inspiration: Watch a few official Scientology videos, or immerse yourself in some other weird fanatical religious propaganda. Watch Billy Graham, etc. Remember! Yours is the TRUE religion, and we want to illuminate the world with the power and truth of Googlism!

I plan to use this thread as a springboard for the ongoing direction of the film, for everyone to post their ideas and provide criticisms of ideas on the table. We can also post links to created content for the project, and I'll update it regularly with elements I'm composing.

I can cover all the editing, f/x, post-production everything. I'll be using After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and a few other audio/video production tools, and plan to piece everything together into several stages of mock-ups as we discuss, develop new material, and decide what presentation will most effectively promote the Church and our "ideals". I know, we don't have any, but just stay with me here. I will be able to handle all the computer effects rendering, sound, coloring, lighting, transitions, logos, on-screen text and visual, etc.

Okay, what do I want from you? What next?

Basically, anything that will make my work less tedious. Photoshop new Church propaganda images, logos, whatever, and link them to me here, so that I can use them in the film. If you have an idea for the DVD case you want to put together in Quark or In-Design or Photshop or whatever. Have at it! Every element is negotiable on this project. The more you get involved, the more control you'll have over what we include.

If someone has a particular place in mind for online sharing, viewing and storage, feel free to suggest, otherwise, I will figure out a place this week for us to start uploading footage. By us, I definitly mean I, as I will do my damndest to kickstart your headgears to get you involved too, so I will be submitting several clips throughout the following weeks for this production. Unfortunately, what I don't have access to for this hobbyish project, are good cameras. For professional work, I have access to a gentleman with very nice hi-def cameras and equipment, but this ain't a paid gig, so that leaves me with the 20fps 640x480 recording capability of my digital photo camera... for the moment. I'm working on possibly purchasing a nice hi-def camera myself soon.

So, format? If at all possible, try not to submit anything with LESS quality than my aforementioned 20fps 640x480. The better quality, the happier I'll be in editing, and I'm capable of rendering the highest quality effects sufficiently. The more good quality video we have to work with, the better the overall production value will appear. Although, the more footage to work with, all the better too. So if you have anything to film video with, and have an idea or want to act out something from this thread... by all means! Do it, pussy.

What To Film
I need your ideas too, but here's a few of mine:
  • Film yourself, as yourself, or in costume, using your persona or perhaps an invented one representing the 9 Proofs in some form or fashion. Be inventive. This is a role I'd have fun playing, and I may film something to this effect, where I sit in my "church office", wearing a suit and tie, other religious props, and explain the 9 Proofs in a passionate and soulfull manner. However, it may be more appropriate or even accurate if we have an official Church Minister do this one.
  • You film some clips of yourself or an affiliate, dressed in either a zany humorous or serious fashion, and proselytize the truths of the of the church to random people, via traditional door to door or similar evangelical approach. Do this one at your own risk, but I think it has potential to be hilarious.
  • I've seen something on here like this before, but film a News interview, where you, the sexy religious zealot you are, explain your faith and what Googlism means to you, or what you think it means for the world. I can post-edit very convincing video elements to enhance the official News channel clip feel of pieces submitted.
  • Photos can work to some degree for this, but I'd prefer footage of CoG propaganda posted in a public place. Doesn't have to be you posting it somewhere on the film, although it can be. Just want moving video for editing possibilities of any miscallaneous Church junk you wanna stick and advertise somewhere publicly. Maybe even just thought provoking mindfuck works similar to Postergasm with CoG Logos, but containing new or CoG created images, not Discordian-site-linked works, as this is about Googlism.
  • Footage of someone singing a Googlist hymn, or submitting a prayer for something online (possible epic subtle humor for prayer contents), acting out a recitation of one of our currently published "prayers", or whatever absurd theatrical silly ass ritual you want to film, which you or a character you play enacts in order to connect with his/her Googlist faith. Be as whacky and you wish to be for this. Make it fluffy, paganistic, scary, revolting, funny, whatever amuses you, because I suspect some of this will be great climactic "shock" footage for the film.
  • This one could be super fun, if you're a geek, which I am. Film footage to be used as a demonstration of Googlist miracles. Whatever the idea, we'll make it look real. Fun special effects for me to attempt, and fun to film preliminary footage. I could see how some might contest against going this far with claims for a film with this purpose. Just another idea I had. Imagine the possibilities of what kind of miracle a Googlist might perform.
PS- If you're skilled in film production editing, after effects, audio work, etc., and wish to volunteer to help with editing, let me know.
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