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Old November 7th, 2009, 03:45 AM   #1
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Default Ft Hood

I'm going to effing puke if I read one more effing apologist
say its the American Military's fault for this Asshole going
he effing loved America when it gave his family a haven,
gave him a free education, gave them the opportunity to
be successful business owners. Allowed him To Take the OATH TO THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA
then paid for his continued education, paid for everything, medical, dental, insurance.
but wait, its our fault? for not being sensitive to the fact that he hates everything that America stands for?
oh and Educated him to the point that he could even concieve of this crap?
How many jihadists, spent money at his
familys convenience stores? How many jihadists were there to soothe him
when his widdle feewings were hurt by his peers who wondered where his true loyalties lie?
How many people from his mosque have died from a roadside bomb?
How many 13 yr olds have been stoned for being raped in Ft Hood, by his fellow soldiers?
How many thieves have had pedal extremities removed for crime in America?
but wait, we? violate human rights? We're paranoid? Its cultural divirsity?
We have to accept everything, but no one else has to accept us? WTF
what is going on here?

don't know about the politicians
but frankly,
if yall take the nukes & biologicals off the table
(and if you don't, lets all play)
we could just pull in the fences
make do on our own (all that foreign aid, un, nato shit out the window)
do a little revamp on the self suffiency
its time to choose up,
you hate us? fine, get the hell out, we pull our people out
we pull our money out, we pull our technology out,
and if you want to come looking for trouble,
recognize it when it comes back
you want to play with no rules
fine, gloves are off
pull our people home
and you can cry all you want
when it starts rolling in
wheres Reagan? I recall the hostages coming home
ask quadaffi where his wife is and what happens when we're pissed
don't mistake kindness for weakness
obama does not represent the majority
just the vocal minority
recognize it when it comes
and let all the idiots that have been killing each other for no apparent reason
finish the freaking job, cut down on the population
but do it without us,
we have enough problems with our own religions
(they go door to door and ask to talk to us, we're not happy about it, but nobody gets killed)
and give it another shot without any effing dieties to kill and effing die for..

the only thing wrong with suicide bombers, is their not man enough to do it alone

go Pat!
It would be nice to be sure of anything, the way some are sure of everything

Believe someone seeking the truth, doubt those that have found it

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