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All about Googlism A forum for discussions relating to Googlism, and the Church of Google, Not convinced that Google is the most provably godlike experience that mankind has ever had? Post your arguments here. enjoyment

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Default Really?

I originally sent this as "hate mail", but decided to post it here so more people would hopefully see it.

Hate Mail? So if anyone disagrees with you and writes about it, that letter is automatically labeled as hate mail? I hope my letter doesn't appear the way. I hate none of the people involved in this “religion” although I hate the one who leads us astray and away from our father and the one truth, commonly known as Satan. I’ll argue with you but it won’t be simply because I want to be right and I want you to be wrong and I want everyone to know. It will be so that you may hopefully see the truth.
As far as I understand this “Googlism” belief is basically saying that since you can type anything into Google and get a bunch of links, leading to information compiled and written out by other people, we should worship this search engine. By gaining knowledge through Google we will gain power and therefor be “complete” or “save” ourselves. Also there is the belief that Google is the nearest thing we can get to a “real” god, because it is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Other “supernatural” gods cannot be proven and are therefor illogical.
Yup. First of all I think that gods are gods because they are supernatural. They are beyond and above human nature and understanding and that is why we all them “gods”. Google is man made and certainly understandable to all it’s creators, although the less tech savvy among us may be lost if they tried to explain it.
Second Google is not omniscient, nor omnipresent. Does Google know the number of hairs on your or my head? Does it know the date any of us will die? Does it know how the world began? Google may have guesses and estimations but there is no way it can know these things. All the things that Google pulls up are just links to other peoples work with titles that have some of the same key words in them. Google is a inanimate being and therefor can technically know nothing. If Google is omnipresent then why can’t I get on without an internet connection? Once the computer is off, Google is no longer present where I am. Other websites are just as “omnipresent” as Google is.
Google answers prayers? Really? If I pray for healing for my sick Grandma can Google do anything about this? It might be able to tell me stuff the doctors already know, but it can come no where near to even perceiving a prayer.
Is Google infinite? No. Even if it lasted forever (which I know will not happen) Google would be nowhere near infinite. To be infinite something must have no end and no beginning. For those of you who don’t know, Google did have a beginning. It’s hard to say when Google began but I think it’s safe to say that your average twelve year old would be older or about the same age as Google.
Omnibenevolence is another issue. Guess what. Google isn’t alive. It’s an INANIMATE object. It can be a useful tool, but so can a hammer, and paint brush, and ant poison (if you have a disagreement with the ants) or a nuke (if you have a big disagreement with something a little bigger than an ant). None of the above can do wrong, without an outside force acting upon them. Sure it might be wrong to bomb a country but it wasn’t the nuke’s choice, because it has no choice because it isn’t alive. Same with Google.
The fact that Google is Googled more than any other religion isn’t really that important is it? If Miley Cyrus get two billion fans on Facebook does that make her a god? She might have a lots of people who like her, but hey so did Hitler, and Napolean. The Bible is the best selling book almost every year, but obviously not many people are reading it very thoroughly because we sure do sin a lot.
Now you may see this letter as a symbol of my intolerance, and you can call me intolerant if you like. The fact is I am intolerant sometimes. If I don’t see your religion as true then my beliefs demand that I do all within my power to persuade you of the truth, because if I don’t then I believe you will end up where no one wants to go, hell. Some could say that our government is intolerant because they have laws against committing crimes and they punish people who commit crimes. They’re are being intolerant toward crime. Let me tell you, if they weren’t you probably wouldn’t want to live in this country anymore.
Now I just finished my freshman year of high school and I already feel smarter than all of you guys. Did you ever consider the possibility that the founder of Googlism was just looking for fame, money or power over how people think? I could start a religion called the Church of Mac and we’d all worship Mac’s and there amazingness, and I could tell people anything I wanted. I could release false updates about how Mac is coming out with some super duper mac computer that will fit in your pocket and can fly to the moon. Basically these days you can tell anyone anything and if you present it right they might believe you, especially if your idea serves them in some way.
So there are all my arguments. You can think about them or you can just blow them off and continue worshiping google. I hope you don't.
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