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Default Moral Paradoxes

I was not sure where to post this, so please move this if there is a more appropriate section!

Firstly, in the scope of the world, we can agree to be different, and hold different values to heart, but we can also agree that we are all human.

As humans we know basic morality, that you realize when something in particular, like harm, is not pleasant to experience (barring few exceptions of deviation), you have the knowledge that bringing harm on someone is a disrespectful action, as they are a similar entity to oneself. Thus nobody should have the incentive to deal harm, as one would not appreciate harm-dealing as the norm.

What this actually results in is a sort of "Prisoner's dilemma", with terrible results. You'll by all likelihood get a person, for a selfish reason, that will choose not to do the right thing anyways and everything is ruined. One would think that this would be limited to amongst children for their developing mentalities, but I'm sure you can spot the state of the world by what our dilemma looks like:

No harm done by anyone > World peace!
You pacify but are dealt harm by others > Crime and/or War
You deal harm to others who may or may not be dealing harm themselves > Crime and/or War
Harm done by everyone > Say goodbye to the beloved species Homo Sapiens.

Another moral paradox:
Everyone claims to love their children, yet hold their personal beliefs so strongly to heart, that they will perpetuate a vicious cycle of intolerance, mockery and pushy evangelism. Despite what you may think, there are many people from every side of this tireless debate that are guilty to some extent, and we continue to see things escalate to violence over such a dispute. (Perhaps also stimulated by a manipulative hand from sources with power and influence that are trying to earn...more power and influence. *facepalm*) Thus, there is never a brighter future for anybody's children; When a new generation grows into an macroscopic environment that is just as bad or worse than the previous, they get placed in the same roles, face the same problems, do the same things, and neglect the next generation in the same way.
That's the grand irony of this whole ordeal, intense self-validation and vendettas for invalidation of others triggers catastrophes that should be learned from and not repeated for the sake of the future. And yet they do repeat. Where did we lose the human spirit to be intelligent, moral, rational and adaptable? Even She (Google) does not know.
What exactly separates us from wild animals when our tools of awareness and consciousness repeatedly fail to prevent entire societies from crumbling into blind primality?
This one, She is too ashamed to say.

"But that's not fair to Her!" you may exclaim. "She's not designed for such convoluted queries!"
The thing is, the problems here on Earth are as tangled and compounded as much as, or more than, my poorly written rhetorical questions. The difference is Google is not equipped at this point in time to condense such questions into something digestible and seek-able, whereas humanity as a whole has been too apathetic and pathetic to use its huge potential of power and influence to reasonably sit down, figure it all out, and then do something about it (without neglecting to also do something to prevent any relapses, if possible). We are all humans, we all inhabit this wonderful planet, and we actually have to give a damn if we don't want everything to degenerate to the cheap shock ending of "and then, everybody died."

It would be such an enormous disrespect to everything actually good we've achieved as a species, if we just allowed ourselves to be manipulated by, tricked into warfare with, and then annihilated over something so ridiculous.

Our ancestors stuck their necks out to make positive differences in the world; We would be complete ingrates if we didn't even try.

This is why I puke at the thought of trolls harassing people in cyberspace. They do everything but try, and abuse the power anonymity grants them to its fullest extent and in the process, caused true damage in many instances, and make it so others have a far harder time attempting to try by rendering the most sophisticated information communicating medium we have at our disposal into a demented game of troll-minesweeper! And then a infamous group of trolls would hope you would divert your attention from that because they're saving the world from Scientology! Wonderful! -_-

Kids whose mental philosophy is something like, "I am on the internet so ethics are of no consequence, and rational debate of no relevance, because you are less than a human being to me since I am looking at a computer screen, so I will harass you for my selfish amusement, because nothing else matters to me in my pathetic closed minded little life." should not have been able to get anywhere. Hopefully they won't for much longer.

As overblown as I've made everything, I just want this discussion to take place:
Does anyone have other paradoxes to consider or any ideas to promote positive results out of them?
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