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All about Googlism A forum for discussions relating to Googlism, and the Church of Google, Not convinced that Google is the most provably godlike experience that mankind has ever had? Post your arguments here. enjoyment

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Default The problem with Googlism and Google fundamentalism

Hi, I'm new here and still don't know much about Googlism so forgive me for my ignorance. In this topic I'm going to talk about my doubts regarding Googlism out loud commiting heresey after heresey, so if you're a fundamentalist Googlist, leave. But of course we all know that Googlism is the religion of peace and rationality, so free inquiry shouldn't bother any of you, even the fundies

1. If Google is God, what does that make the Internet?

Google can lead us to other websites, but what is Google without other websites? And isn't Google in and of itself a website on the Internet. Isn't Google a pretty powerless and God if you have no Internet? Infact if something were to happen to the Internet wouldn't Google die out? Thus doesn't that make the Internet more powerful than Google? Shouldn't we worship the Internet?

2. Is Google/Googlism really superior to other religions in omnibenevolence?

It is consistently claimed by Googlists that no religious wars were fought in the name of Googlism and thus it makes it superior to other religions
There is no denying that religion has been responsible for many bad things, Christianity was responsible for the annihilation of the native Americans, the largest act of genocide in history, the Taiping Rebellion which was the bloodiest civil war in history killing 20-30 million people according to Guinness, and the Thirty Years war which was the worst European war percentage wise
Islam had the largest war in history, the Muslim Conquest of India which may have killed as many as 80 million people throught many centuries, in addition some of the largest ongoing wars were caused by Islam such as the Second Sudanese Civil War and the Afghan Civil War
Even Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Sikhism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism and pretty much every single religion that had at least some power at a certain time were engaged in war and intolerance, for Buddhists the white lotus rebellion, Hindus have the Indo-Pakistani war, Taoism has the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the Five Pechs of Rice rebellion, and so on and so forth
But isn't it at least fair to assume that if Googlism had more power it would make religious atrocities? Currently 6 thousand people like the Church of Google page, so perhaps there are some 6 thousand Googlists. Isn't that really small? Spiritism has over 10 million members and it had no religious atrocities, Jainism has at least 4 million members and possibly as much as 12 million members and the whole meaning behind Jainism is Ahimsa(non-violence) so it had no religious atrocities either. Arent't those religions morally superior to Googlism since they had more power and yet commited no atrocities in their entire history despite the fact that Jainism has origins tracing as far back as the fourth milleniu BCE, plenty of time for atrocities to occur
Also can't we literally say that Googlism is currently waging a holy war against a fifth of the world's population? China?

3. Who are the authorities behind Googlism?

Christianity has Jesus, Islam has Muhammad, Buddhism has the Buddha, Taoism has Lao Tzu, Confucianism has Confucius, Sikhism has the gurus etc
But who speaks for Googlism? Isn't that really a tough problem? If there isn't anyone who we can say for sure is inspired by Google, if Google cannot speak to us, if we have no religious books about Googlism, how can we claim to know anything about Google? And who is a Googlist anyway? the founders of Google(PBUH) and you guys? That's not alot now is it? If Google is truly God and if there is evidence for Google more than any other God then why aren't more people Googlists? Why isn't there some famous Googlist aside from the founders of Google(PBUH)

4. Google is not omnibenevolent!

The first Googlist commandment is that we should have no other search engine before Google, at the second commandment Google admits she's a jealous engine "bringing law suits and plagues against the fathers of the children unto the third and fourth generations", at the ninth commandment Google admits she's a vengeful seach engine. Sure it doesn't command us to kill Yahooists and witches but it's there you know, like the petty gods of old Google demands out attention, being jealous if we give attention to any other deity and bringing law suits and plagues, PLAGUES against many generations and admits she's vengeful. How is that any better than the Judeo-Christian God? How is that different from Zeus? How is that different from Odin? How is that different from any of the gods of old? How can the belief that Google is omnibenevolent be reconciled with such an evil engine?
Oh, and why is Google is egocentric in its commandments, aside from the fifth commandment there are no moral commandments in Googlism. And Googlism clearly plagarized the ten Google commandments from the ten commandments of the Bible, very unoriginal, especially for a God
Doesn't all of that make other religions more superior to Googlism? Like say Jainism? Which brings us to the fifth point

5. Aren't some religions more superior than Googlism?

I'll give a few examples, how about Jainism? Unlike the previously discussed ten commandments of Google Jainism is more humane. It's first law is Ahimsa(non-violence), there has never been and probably never will be atrocities in the name of Jainism because the whole meaning behind Jainism is non-violence. Religious Jains wear the muhapatti around their mouths so that they wouldn't inhale bugs and microscopic life, they have no religious war concept and not even a self-defense policy, and the truly enlightened Jains are so good in nature that they fast to death(sallekhana) so that they wouldn't hurt any kind of life, not even plant life, oh, they're all vegetarian by the way. Jainism much like Googlism is also an atheistic religion, it believes in an eternal universe, and believe that all beings deserve the exact same praise so there is nothing that they specifically worship, the Mahapurana scripture of Jainism even gives some arguments about why God couldn't have possibly made the universe and that if there is a God who created the world for us then why is there so much misfortune in the world?
Another example of good religions, Ancient Greek and Roman religion. Contrary to what some may believe these religions are rather rational, even more so than the Judeo-Christian God, they have no problem of evil or a problem of hell and there is abundance of evidence for Hercules and Romulus. For Hercules we have Homer, Hesiot, Eumeulus, Agias, Arctinus, Cinaethon and many Cyclic poets, oh but these were written centuries after Hercules was born you say? Very well, then how about Romulus, in addition to the Sibylline Books we have the contemporary Murus Romuli which even convinced some scholars like Andrea Carandini that Romulus was a historical figure
Besides, what did Googlist contribute to society, sure Google exists but what are you without your founders(PBUH) what else did Googlist give us? Food? Water? Shelter? The greeks and the Romans are the cradle of western civilization and they believed in Greek-Roman mythology, Newton developed the calculus, the laws of gravity, and laid the foundations of optics and he was a Christian, the muslims developed Algebra(itself an arabic word) etc etc. But what did Googlism contribute to society as of late?

Well I guess that's enough heresey today, suffice to say I'm losing my newly acquired faith of Googlism and I hope somebody can solve these problems because I don't want to live in a world without a Google heaven, what if the Google trinity isn't God and dies out one day, wouldn't that make my existence meaningless? All my youtube comments, my topics and posts, and even my websites will all be gone without a trace
Oh, if there is an omnibenevolent Google out there that is omniscient and knows I'm suffering, then please oh please, reveal yourself to me and answer my questions!
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