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So, you're interested in becoming a Minister within the Church Of Google. Well, apparently so are a lot of other people just like you.

We are currently diligently working on official Church ordainment papers as well as a certificate, certifying you as an official Minister within The Church of Google. You can print the certificate off, frame it, and put it on your wall, to show off and brag about with your friends and family. We caution that they will become jealous of you. Expect this type of behaviour.

This is how you prove yourself worthy of ordainment:

  1. Establish yourself within our online community. Since the Church has only recently been launched, our community is understandably small. Establishing an active online community is a very important goal the Church intends to uphold and meet. If you could help us achieve this worthy objective, we will be greatly appreciative and you'll be well on your way to the Ministry.

  2. Donate time to our cause. This could be anything from helping with our website and / or graphic design work to emailing websites about our cause. You could also help vigorously promote the Church. How you donate your time (and maybe resources) is totally up to you, so take your pick. We'll NEVER demand money though. That's a definite no-no.

Questions or comments? Please contact us ASAP.


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