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  1. Which kind of games do you like?
  2. Gaming
  3. PSP Vs. DS
  4. Browser-based Games
  5. If you like Zelda..
  6. Team Fortress 2
  7. Best internet game
  8. Ms. Pacman anyone?
  9. PC Games that you play
  10. Anyone play COD4
  11. For Tsar or anyone who wants to play Aion
  12. nethernet
  13. Battlefield Vietnam
  14. Eve Online
  15. *Puts a piece of tack on the center of the screen*
  16. First Person Tetris
  17. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs fight
  18. Recorded some Bad Company 2 footage.
  19. A progamer hopped into my Clan Arena game.
  20. SC2
  21. Let's Play Bad Company 2.
  22. I just got the new SyncMaster 2233rz monitor and...
  23. PAC MAN turns 30
  24. So I made a new Quake Live account.
  25. Might go to Dreamhack.
  26. Zelda II as a FPS?
  27. *Playing through Pokemon*
  28. do you have one yet Rimmer
  29. Most epic Pokemon battle ever.
  30. Now a member of the clan /neS.
  31. CoD Black Ops
  32. MINECRACK!...Oops. I mean Minecraft!