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View Full Version : Google Earth Hour should be a holiday

April 2nd, 2008, 02:31 AM
I just wanted to say the same thing I said here (http://www.thechurchofgoogle.org/forum/showthread.php?t=3039)

April 2nd, 2008, 02:32 AM
if you've already posted it once, why post it again? :-\

April 2nd, 2008, 01:42 PM
That is rather pointless.

And spam-like, I might add.

April 3rd, 2008, 01:55 AM
I thought it might do better to mention it in the suggestion box.

Dr Goofy Mofo
April 3rd, 2008, 02:02 AM
We had a discustion earlier. I think we almost, but not entirly agreed on, that when google changes the logo, we have holiday.

April 3rd, 2008, 05:59 AM
Nothing for April Fools?:frown:

April 3rd, 2008, 01:07 PM
Yeah there was.

Dr Goofy Mofo
May 31st, 2008, 07:15 AM
leave us alone peeese