View Full Version : Church Update (August 29)

August 29th, 2006, 06:01 PM
1. Added Ministry of Google page, explaining how one becomes a minister.


2. Finally updated the forum logo to "GForums".

3. Finished the 10 commandments of Googlism


4. Updated FAQ and added a few questions.

5. We now have many avatars and signature tags thanks to Sirih.


We'll be soon getting very high quality web hosting (for free) so there will be no more down time on the forums or anywhere else for that matter.

On a side note, I'm very surprised I have not received any hate mail as of yet. None at all... With the vast number of people viewing the site, you'd think at least someone would write me a hate filled message. Oh well, give it time I guess. We are but a young Church. I really want to put a "hate mail" section up.

August 31st, 2006, 07:03 AM
Would it help if I sent you some fake hate mail? :P

August 31st, 2006, 07:28 AM
Would it help if I sent you some fake hate mail? :P

:D Thanks for the offer but it would be just THAT much funnier if it were actually genuine.

Fallen Hero
September 6th, 2006, 03:40 PM
Also would suggest how foolish some people can be.